Trans Ideology

Official Tenets of Trans Ideology

Tenet 1: Bodily Autonomy is Paramount

No human being, regardless of sexual characteristics at birth, should ever be forced to undergo a medical procedure they do not wish to take part in, nor be denied reasonable access to care or intervention for preventable suffering.

All societies should have universal and free access to all healthcare, which should include gender affirming care for those who want it. Nobody should ever be pressured in any way to accept medical intervention that they do not want in order to "prove" their gender identity. See tenet 2.

This includes that abortion is a human right, including for trans men, who are in fact men.

Tenet 2: Every individual is sovereign over their own gender identity and sexual orientation and nobody else's.

Thou shalt always take good faith self-descriptions of one's gender identity and sexual orientation at face value, and never pressure any person to change their gender identity, their sexual orientation, nor the labels they use.

This can be called "Autonomy of identity".

You shall not infer someone's gender identity by your interpretation of their expression.

You shall not identity police, shall not tell someone how to describe themselves. You shall not insist that someone "explore" why they are who they are - that pursuit is only ever in service of conversion therapy or assimilation and is in violation of tenet 4.

If someone acts in obvious bad faith, such as "Attack helicopter" or "my pronouns are your/highness" you are under no obligation to take them seriously. "But why can't I identify as a different race" is multiple kinds of bigoted, and an immediate disqualifier from being taken seriously.

Tenet 3: Thou shalt not medicalize transness nor intersex bodies.

Being trans or intersex are both natural expressions of human diversity. They do not need to be "treated" or "cured". In both trans and intersex, these can come with unique needs, including medical needs, but as with tenet 1 and 2, autonomy is paramount.

Being trans is not a disorder.

Dysphoria is a state of distress, not a disorder. Interventions should be available for dysphoria as appropriate, but nobody should ever be pressured to take nor to avoid them.

Non-essential body modifications shall not be performed on those too young to consent. This means that intersex surgery shall be abolished, as shall FGM and even male circumcision. Surgery required for life-saving care shall still be available for those who need it, regardless of age.

Puberty blockers shall be available to those who need them to prevent avoidable suffering. Just as a parent or guardian can supplement a minor's decision making capacity and allow for medical interventions such as for corrective orthodontics, interventions for diseases.

Tenet 4: You should be against every other kind of bigotry too.

Bigotry is bad. And if you care about trans people, that means caring for all trans people.

You shall be anti-racist, as many trans people are targeted by racism.

You shall be anti-homophobic. Many trans people are gay relative to their gender identity or by the gender identity expected for them according to cisnormative standards. Many are bisexual. Transphobia and homophobia are tightly linked.

You shall be anti-ableism, as many trans people are disabled and much of the resistance to access to gender-affirming care comes from the same paternalistic power structure of ableism.

You shall be anti-patriarchy. You cannot claim to care about trans women unless you care about all women. You cannot claim to care about trans men unless you care about those assigned female at birth.

You should be against all forms of bigotry anyway, but you cannot claim to care about trans people unless you care about ALL trans people, including those marginalized by things other than just transphobia.

Tenet 5: Thou shalt never intentionally misgender nor deadname a trans person.

Doing either of these things is both a form of harassment and a violation of tenet 2.

Accidents happen, that's life, but you should make an effort to respect someone's identity even if how they describe it to you changes as they discover themselves. Respecting someone's gender identity should be seen as just as much a basic social grace as pronouncing someone's name correctly and calling them by the correct name.

Tenet 6: Do not be a chaser, nor pretend that dating a trans person means you are immune to criticism of transphobia, nor make transphobic generalizations about trans people when talking about who you want to date.

Nobody is ever obligated to date or sleep with anyone, ever. Sexual consent is never an obligation in any form, otherwise it would not be meaningful consent. You do not need to say yes to sex with a trans person, ever, and you are never transphobic for doing so. If, regardless of whether or not you sleep with a trans person, you express transphobia, such as making reductive generalizations about trans people or pushing stereotypes, then you are still acting transphobic.

You can revoke consent for sex at any time, for any reason. Having sex with someone of a marginalized group does not make you a better ally. Do not sexually commodify trans people as if sleeping with a trans person will cure you of your transphobia - just like every other form of bigotry, you still have to put in the emotional and cognitive work of unpacking your prejudices and there aren't shortcuts for it.

Tenet 7: If thou art cisgender, thou shalt shut the fuck up about trans issues until you have truly listened to the trans community.

And not just ones that say what you want to hear about trans people. Get a wide sample, especially people who challenge your assumptions and hold you accountable for transphobic words and deeds.

Tenet 8: Stop using "born in the wrong body" as if trans people believe that is a literal explanation of the origin of being trans. Stop telling trans people what we believe, listen to us when we tell you what we believe.

Many trans people do not believe in the existence of souls, and so "gendered souls" is patent nonsense. Stop telling us what we believe.

There is not an innately "right" or "wrong" body for someone to have. Many trans people have historically used the phrase "wrong body" to describe what it can feel like to be trans, but this was never intended to be taken as an explanatory model for how trans people come into existence.

If you tell a trans person to stop using the "wrong body" metaphor, and that trans person did not use it themselves, then you are now obligated to donate your life savings to a trans charity.

If you complain about a trans person insisting that feminine boys or masculine girls be medicalized, a thing which is not happening (see tenet 1 and 2) but you have not done anything about intersex genital mutilation, you are hereby obligated to donate your life savings to a charity specializing in intersex rights.

Every person gets to decide what aspects of their body are "right" or "wrong" for them, based on what they want for their own lives and their own bodies. Nobody else. Not a doctor, not a parent. Your body, your choice.

Tenet 9: Trans Ideology is the successor to the Gay Agenda.

This isn't really a tenet but I didn't know where else to put it. You can also call it the Trans Mission or the TransGenda.

Tenet 10: There are no rules and the points are all made up

There is no correct or incorrect way to be trans, only correct and incorrect ways to treat others.

Masculinity and femininity are different from person to person. And even if they weren't, anyone is allowed to express masculinity, femininity, both, or neither, without it leading to questioning the legitimacy of their gender identity. And none of those things are required for any gender identity.

There are no "girl toys" or "boy toys", just toys. A boy who likes dolls is a boy who likes dolls. This includes trans boys. A girl who doesn't like dolls is a girl who doesn't like dolls. This includes trans girls.

Nobody is obligated to "prove" who they are inside through their expression, and how you most enjoy to express yourself does not obligate you to have any particular gender identity.

Tenet 11:

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