Twitter Status

Is @CritFacts suspended?


As of 6/14/2023, the @CritFacts account is suspended.

Previous Suspensions

On March 30th ish, @CritFacts was suspended, with Twitter correspondence indicating that it was for a tweet sent to @RealBrysonGray. The only tweet from @CritFacts to @RealBrysonGray was making fun of him for claiming that "Straight people are under attack and it's going to get worse."

Because apparently claiming that LGBT+ people are an existential threat to everyone else isn't hate speech, but making fun of them for saying so is targeted harassment.

"Come At Me, Bro"

Sarah Phillimore threatened me with a "bumpy ride"

So I posted this gif as a reaction,

Which she reported, claiming it was deliberate and pointed misgendering.

Given that she describes herself as "gender free" I don't see how one could be misgendered, but that took the account down from December 31st to February somethingth.

Other Disciplinary Action

Irreversible Damage

I was literally reported and forced to delete a tweet which read "Transphobia gives you" followed by the image on the left.

This was punished as "hateful conduct"